Adrianna and Matt Birk
Forever 90 Challenge
Matt Birk Forever 90 Challenge Matt Birk Forever 90 Challenge
Lose weight or get fit for free in as little as 90 days
Over $47 million a year in free products, prizes, and dream vacations
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This challenge is NOT a diet, it is a lifestyle. The initial challenge is for 90 days, but its effects will endure for the rest of your life. You need to treat your body as if you are going to live forever. Change is meaningless if it is only temporary. Permanent growth comes from commitment. The Forever 90 Challenge is not only the beginning, but it's sustainable as well. The difference between champions and everyone else is that champions have better habits. Habits define your life, and you become what they are. Health and fitness are about you becoming the best version of yourself, the person you were intended to be. It's not about comparing yourself to some cultural ideal or to anyone else. Health is the natural state of your body. You are in control of your health by the commitments that you make (or don't make). Make your physical well being a priority- go all in for 90 days and experience what happens when you make a commitment, use the best products, and have the support of others. There is no downside and no risk. Start hitting the targets of your health and fitness goals NOW by joining Team Birky and take The Forever 90 Challenge.
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Studies have shown that you're more likely to have success towards any health goal when you’ve got others by your side. The Challenge helps you do this by giving you your Challenge Kit for free each month when you help at least 3 friends join the Challenge with you. What’s better than getting fit for free?!?

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STORIES                           REAL PEOPLE, REAL RESULTS!
Laykyn Owczarzak
Challenge Results: Lost 170 pounds (over multiple Challenges)

Body by Vi™ Female Champion 2012

“The greatest benefit to me personally from doing The Challenge is to know that I've gotten my health back, and I will live past 40 and do all the things on my ‘live list.’”
Eric Rose
Challenge Results: Lost 270 pounds (over multiple Challenges)

Body by Vi™ Male Champion 2012

“I started drinking the [Vi-Shape®] shakes and in 10 days I felt good enough to go out and do stuff. I wasn’t getting as hungry. I was sleeping better. I just felt better.”
Suzanne and Shane Barger
Challenge Results: Suzanne: Lost 78 pounds; Shane: Lost 52 pounds

Body by Vi™ Couple Champion 2012

“We realized how much ViSalus™ changed our lives when we saw 75 hours of unwatched DVR shows. Instead we’re at the gym or in the yard with the kids!”
The Follmer Family
Challenge Results: Collectively lost a total of 223 pounds

Body by Vi™ Family Champion 2012

“The first time I went to the grocery store after starting The Challenge, I spent about $200 less that week. Now we have a new norm for groceries.”
• 2 scoops Vi-Shape® Shake Mix
• 1 packet Banana Energy Charge Health Flavor
• 3 tbsp. Ice Tea Mix (powder)
• Cinnamon to taste
• Dash of Ginger, Clove, and Black Pepper
• 8-10 oz. Non-Fat Milk, or Soy, Rice or Almond Milk
• 4-6 Ice Cubes
• 2 scoops Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix
• 1 packet ViSalus Shape-Up™ Health
Flavor Mix-In-Banana Energy Charge
• 1 banana
• 8 oz. orange juice
• 6 ice cubes

(Recipe by: Meredith K.)
• 2 scoops Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix
• 1 small apple
• 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
• 1 graham cracker
• 1 tbsp. sugar-free cheesecake pudding mix
(optional) • 8-10 oz. non-fat soy, rice or almond milk
• 4 ice cubes